Sponsor a child in Lebanon and help him/her get a correct education for only 350 US. $

How to participate:

1- Send us an E.Mail at the following address:
E-Mail : lavfl@helpvfl.com

and give us your address, or any way of contacting you.

2- You will receive a small card, (pink for girls, blue for boys) with their picture attached, and a summary of the social situation of the child's family, the name of his school and his grades

3- Upon receiving your participation of 350 US $ (or 500,000 L.L. per year), a reference number will be issued for the sponsorship, and a correspondence will immediately start between the child and his sponsor (if the sponsor desire so) thanking him, giving him news about himself and his family, sending Christmas and Easter Greetings cards, and at the end of the school year, a copy of his school record.

4- The payments are made by checks to the school order at the end of October. No cash payments are made to the families. The school gives the parents a receipt in the name of the association mentioning the child's name.
5- 5- Sponsorships payments should be made to the order of:

“ La Voix de la Femme Libanaise”
Account Number:
Banque: Credit Libanais - Achrafieh - Beirut, Lebanon

6- Fax: 961 1 20 28 35

7- B.P.: 16- 56 59 Beirut - Lebanon

St. Hubert Center
Chiah, Beirut - Lebanon
Tel: 01- 276064
Medical Social Center Fanar
Beirut - Lebanon
Tel: 01 684362