Literacy class
Computer courses

5.1 French courses:

The French courses started upon a request from the women of the Mothers Club. A volunteer lady gives these courses. Recruitment took place among the women of the district. These courses are given twice a week.

The number of students is steady; they are very motivated. Improvement of their French, this has been noticed by their children, they can now rely on their mother's in their studies.

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5.2- Group of literacy class

The participant will be able, at the end of the session, to read and write. In coordination with Caritas, the center recruited 13 illiterate women. The preparation of the session required a long follow-up to break down the taboos. Ex: they close the curtains of the class in order not to be seen.

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5.3- Sewing Workshop
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A sewing workshop was created in each of our center to teach the women a job. Mrs. Violette Khoury initiates the women of the Saint Hubert center to the work of the patchwork. The women made tablecloth, bed covers, pillows, as well as garment bags for silver, cards tablecloth.

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  • Find markets for the distribution and sales of the handicrafts.
  • Divide the revenue of these sales between the women and the center to ensure a self-financing.

    Atelier de Couture
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    5.3-Computer for all

    A donation of 12 computers, 8 from Cellis and 4 from the Byblos Bank, allowed us to start the courses.
    3 sessions are given for the mothers and the youngsters.
    A volunteer teacher gives these courses. The project aims:
        - Teach the student a profession to allow them to find a job.
        - Give the youngsters the possibility to have access to computers and enjoy themselves.
        - This project is self-financing.

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