School education represents the future inheritance of a nation. It forges the future of children, saves them from ignorance, intolerance, poverty. Considering the bad economic situation of Lebanon, and the high rate of unemployment, a great number of parents were compelled to withdraw their children from schools. School sponsorship is a great support to these families Without this participation to the tuition, many children would be left on the street.

. 3.1- Belgian Sponsorship :

2500 children are actually sponsored by the generosity of the Belgian sponsors.

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3.2-World Vision Sponsorship:

230 children benefit from this sponsorship that is mostly made by U.S. citizen and Australian. In addition to the sponsorship, we also received from World Vision an aid that allowed us to finance the computer project, the patchwork workshop and the children activities.

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3.3- Lebanese Sponsorship :
59 children are sponsored. An annual amount of LL 500000 is paid to the school and a receipt is given to the sponsor. These children as well as those of the Belgian sponsorship keep a correspondence with their sponsor, and send them at the end of the year their bulletin.

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3.4 Supervised Studies:
Courses are given at the Center, three times a week, to 39 children of the locality. Its objective is to make it possible to the pupils to succeed at school and to assist them in their schoolwork.
Three teachers and a volunteer lady, give lessons to the children who are divided into three groups, from class eleven to class seven.
These children are recruited at the request of their parents and after studying their file. They generally have difficulties to succeed at school. Their parents are not able to assist them in their studies, because they are either illiterate or the mother works or their parents are of a violent nature.
These evening studies at the Center give them a chance to succeed at school and to continue their studies, which they would have stopped for lack of assistance.
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- Finding solutions to the difficulties encountered during the previous year such as unjustified absence of the pupils and the lack of discipline of some.
- Planning and organizing the distribution of awards, three times a year, to the most deserving pupils.

Measures taken by team:
The parents must notify the social assistant of the reason of absence, if it is repeated more than 3 times, another child from the waiting list will replace the absentee.
This measure has been efficient since then the number of pupils did not decrease this year and that the parents always come to justify the absence.
A distribution of awards (progress, assiduity and cleanliness) took place, for the first time on December 20, 2001 during which the best pupils were rewarded. Gifts were distributed to 13 children. These awards, which motivate the pupils, will be given three times per year.
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  3.4.1- Excursion with I' International College (I.C):
  During the month of January, the students of the I.C organized four outings, for the children following the attended studies; they played at school, visited a zoo and went to McDonald' s.

3.5 Day Nursery

70 children are at the Day nursery.
The children are divided into 4 classes:
  - Two-kindergarten age between 3 and 4 years
  - One pre-school age from 2 to 2 years
  - One Nursery age between 1 to 2 years.
The aim of the day nursery is:
   - Allow the mothers to go to work
   - Keep the child in a nice environment, clean healthy and happy
   - Help the child blooming and developing
   - Support the parents in case they need to be listen to, inform and direct them.
   - Children that finish the kindergarten can be easily accepted in different schools.

Activities are done on special occasion:
- Independence Day, Halloween, and Christmas.

Some parents organized their children birthday at the Center. An outing to the theatre for the kindergarten was done. A medical visit is made to the center by a pediatric, Dr. May Daou.

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