VI - Projects & Self-Financing

6.1 Annual Lunches:
  • The Medico-Social Center The Medico-Social Center, Fanar organizes once a year a marathon day, card games as well as scrabble followed by a luncheon.
         Other activities are organized year long such as movies avant-premiere, and various theatres; the Diseurs, Alain Plisson.
  • The St. Hubert Center organizes once a month, a lunch prepared by the women's comity. The revenues are used to replenish the petty cash of the centers

    . 6.2-Cooking Workshop
      In our St. Hubert Center 16 women work in the production of various jam and pickles. as well as Maamoul (traditional sweets done on Easter)

    Cookies and cakes are made in our center in Fanar.

    . 6.3 -Sewing Workshop
    A sewing workshop was created in each of our center, a voluntary lady teaches the women of the neighborhood a job, they are remunerated for the work they make; tablecloth, pillows, silver's bags, cards tablecloth and other articles

    . 6.4- Collage on porcelain and manual work
      In the workshop of Fanar Center, the women of the district make some crochet, trinket and napkins paper collage on porcelain.

    Most of these articles are sold during our annual luncheon.

    The income is a support for the center as well as for the women doing the work. .

      6.5- Clothes.
      The ladies of the association collect clothes donation that are sorted out and sold to the family for a symbolic sum of money.
    It is a small mean of self-financing

    6.6-Student Hotel
    A student hotel in the St. Hubert center where 6 young student girls occupy the rooms of this hotel. This allows them to be near their university or work. It is also a mean of self-financing.

      6.7-Secondhand goods 'Brocante":
    Once a year the St. Hubert center organises a sale, the goods are offered

    by friends of the centre and by some boutiques

  • St. Hubert Center
    Chiah, Beirut - Lebanon
    Tel: 01- 276064
    Medical Social Center Fanar
    Beirut - Lebanon
    Tel: 01 684362