. 1.1 Medico-Social Center of Fanar

The Medico-Social Center of Fanar is implanted in one the most underprivileged regions of Lebanon.

  • The Medico-Social Center of Fanar is established in one of the most underprivileged areas of Lebanon. The district is characterized by the unhealthy, exiguity of the houses, air and water pollution, and the bad state of the roads. The living conditions in this area are much more difficult than in any other part of Lebanon.
  • The population served by the Center is mixed, Christians and Muslims. Living in good neighborly relations.
  • The majority of the population is poorly educated or even illiterate.
  • Most of these people are daily workmen, poorly paid or unemployed, they do not benefit from any social or medical insurance. Many families of 3 to 13 persons live in one or two rooms, not exceeding 20 square meters.
  • It is worthwhile mentioning that it is a moving population, unstable and at the risk of delinquency especially for the unemployed youngsters.

. 1.2 Centre St Hubert-Ain el Remaneh

"The Voice of the Lebanese Women" was established in Ain-El -Remmaneh in 1984 during the war.
This area was particularly touched by the war and by the social and economical crisis.
The St Hubert Center is there to answer to the different social and educational needs.

Most of our families accept their way of life and stand up bravely to face their problems. The parents are aware of their responsibilities. They do all they can to ensure their children welfare, pushing them to learn and study, throughout all the difficulties and obstacles.

In very few cases, we find children working at a very young age.

Voice of Lebanese Woman
Tel: 01-204 557

Sara Lili Président
Sfeir Marie Vice-président
Yvette Ballouz Vice-président
Tajer Liliane Treasurer
Nasrallah Arlette TTresurer
Affeiche May Public Relation
Salem Paula Secretary

Abou Khaled Zina
Antipas Jeanine
Azar Rosy
Chami May
Daher Mary
Estephan Marie
Fattal Liliane
Ghosn Amale
Hajj Nohad
Hakim Samira
Khoury Violette
Menassa Renee
Morcos Jeanine
Nassif Suzanne
Oneisy Yvonne
Salamouny Myriam
Sykias Michelle
Zmokhol Sylvie


St. Hubert Center
Chiah, Beirut - Lebanon
Tel: 01- 276064
Medical Social Center Fanar
Beirut - Lebanon
Tel: 01 684362